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Colombian Hamburgers are great. But don't you just ache for an American Burger? Pickles, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, American Cheese, and maybe some Bacon and Bobby's Sweet Relish? 

Double American Animal Style
Cheese Burger
Double with everything
Double no onions

Bobby's American Burger:

Call 1-805-824-0890 To Order

Delivery $5.000 (Free on orders over $50.000)

All Burgers include:

1/4 lb Quality Ground Beef Patty - Lettuce - Tomato - Fresh Onion Swirl - Secret Sweet Relish - Bag of Chips

Reg. Burger $10.000    Pastrami Burger: $14.000     

Cheeseburger: $12.000   Swiss Cheeseburger: $14.000

Pastrami Cheeseburger: $18.000    Pastrami Swiss Cheesburger: $1.000

WISH BURGER: (NO MEAT/Lettuce/Tomato/Avocado/Bobby's Sweet Relish/Dijon or Mustard/Red Bell Pepper)


VEGGIE BURGER (Plant-Based Vegan Patty)

$13.000   With Cheese: $15.000


Additional Beef Patty Add $2.000 EA. • Additional Plant-Based Patty Add $3.000 EA.

Extra American Cheese Add $2.000 EA.  •   Extra Swiss Cheese Add $2.000 EA.   •   Bacon Add $3.000   • Fried Egg Add $2.000

Extra Pastrami Add $4.000 

Order of Fries Add $3.000   •   Order of Onion Rings Add $3.000  •  Bag of Chips (Pot Luck)

Bobby's American Dogs

To Order Call 1-805-824-0890 11 am until 7pm - 7 days per week

Delivery: $5.000 (Free Delivery on orders over $50.000)

Quality Pork or Chicken Weiner on Fresh Toasted or Untoasted Bun

Choice of Extras & Condiments:

(Bobby's Sweet Relish/Mustard/Dijon/Mayo/Ketchup/

Fresh Tomato - Fresh Chopped Onion, Bacon)

2 (Two) NY Style : $10.000 Total

(Mustard/Ketchup/Bobby's Sweet Relish)

2 (Two) Chicago Style : $12.000 Total

(Mustard/Ketchup/Bobby's Sweet Relish/Tomato & Pickle slices/Chopped Onion)

2 (Two) Los Angeles Style :  $15.000 Total

(Bacon/Avocado/Dijon/Red Bell Pepper/Bobby's Sweet Relish/Mango Hot Sauce)

2 (Two) Miami Style  : $13.000 Total

(Crushed Limon Potato Chips/Bobby's Sweet Relish/Dijon/Mustard)

 Order of Fries: $3.000     Order of Onion Rings: $3.000   Bag of Chips: $2.000 (Pot Luck)

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